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My Professional Journey

My name is Paola, 

I am a passionate Aesthetician and I enjoy helping and empowering human potential by making anyone feel good and confident in their own skin, when I do something good for you this also does the same effect on me and I love this exchange of energy.

I have dealt with acne since my teenage years and at that time I did not know how to take care of my skin so I resorted to temporary solutions and constant use of harsh products that over time made my skin sensitive, for this reason when I finished high school grades I decided to get into the Skincare Industry, I carried out my studies in LENDAN, which is a Spanish Institute of Advance Techniques and where I obtained my Higher Technical Diploma in Aesthetics.


Having a deeper knowledge about the largest organ of our body made me aware that "The Skin" has its own memory as the signs of how we treat today manifest with the passing of the years, knowing this helped me restore, treat and have better maintenance of my skin in each of the hormonal stages of my life as a woman until today, even though I also have to recognize that there are always periods in life were we neglect ourselves and that is okay, life is bittersweet, and our Skin will show Resilience and Recovery whenever we decide to come back to balance.

From then on, I kept updating my knowledge about Applied Aesthetics through, the Ecuadorian Society of Medical Aesthetics, the South American Academy of Cosmetic Medicine  Symposiums, and Expos with new Techniques. Recently here in Canada, I took part in the ESI Expo that took place in Toronto and attended some organic skincare master classes.

I successfully obtained the entrance pass as an Internal Staff Makeup Artist to the Beauty Contest Miss Universe in Ecuador in 2004.

I had the privilege to be part of the team and work with Bruno Vassari Spa in Ecuador for a couple of years, and work with other skincare brands like Skin Ceuticals and Germain the Capuccini.

After 160 hours of practical instruction, I fulfilled all the requirements to obtain the craft qualification to be part of the Ecuadorian Association of Cosmetologists in 2013.

After 540 guided learning hours, I got a College Certificate in Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Holistic Beauty Therapies, Issued in 2015 by ITEC (Vocational Training Charitable Trust) - United Kingdom.

During the last 5 years, I have been honored to work in two of the best Spas in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region.


My Diploma and Certifications are validated by the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada ICAS.

Happy to be able to share with you a bit more about myself and always happy to serve you!

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