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Certified Aesthetician Pao_edited_edited

Throughout my life, I have experienced changes in my skin and body related to natural processes, hormones, and lifestyle circumstances. I used to compare myself instead of loving and nurturing me to help my body and soul regenerate faster through adaptation periods or transitions. Fortunately, in the present, I like to think that we as humans have similar capabilities as butterflies and we get into a metamorphosis phase every once in a while. These experiences have been making me more aware of the connection between body and soul, which is why in my last years working on Aesthetics and the Skincare field, I started implementing a more holistic approach into my protocols as I could relate to the needs of my clients with how I felt in the past.

Now more than ever, my passion and mission is to make people feel great in their own skin, with harmonious skincare services and therapies that will enhance your natural beauty to help you feel confident in any adaptation process you are in. 

Understanding that our body is an amazing whole and there is always Resilience when we want to take care of ourselves in a more kind and conscious way, will always bring us positive outcomes and new beginnings. Today is Resilience which is giving me the opportunity to tell you, that you are not alone!

Much love, 



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